Progress of project

So I am almost done with my project and I used Drupal and some good modules and I have a version of my project that I had from the beginning. The technology has changed but the foundation with the idea is the same and for that I’m very happy. I used over 20 modules but I made it work.


Since it looks like PHP is going to be extremely difficult for me to get I’ve decided to try making my site in drupal. I’ve switched between so many technologies recently but i need to problem solve the best I can and keep up my deadline for completing this project so I’m guessing drupal will be best. I’ve found a module that I use so I’m happy about that. I’m going to try and push my design to the max.

The disaster with Jquerymobile and php

So its the second week of the quarter and I have a working login and registration system but I’m using html 5 boilerplate instead of jqm. Its not that I didn’t have a working jqm application at one time but it literally broke on me when i needed it show all the progress i had been making with jqm. Its luck like that that will ruin me in my review.

Drupal and jQuery Mobile

To spend the time learning a new framework can daunting but its not as daunting as learning two new frameworks at the same time. I was watching a video conference where they were discussing the benefits to creating your webapp with drupal and jquerymobile and a keyword stuck out to me that stand jquerymobile was already to a degree 508 complient and that was enough for me. PHP and CodeIgniter were out. I would design for mobile first on the mobile side but the features that I want may not be plausible or smart due to designing for the terrain.

I have decided that i think i want to create a bookmarklet users can download and apply the streams of content. I’m asking and answering my own questions everyday it just took time. – Audience Analysis

Primary Persona’s:

Tommy Shiller
Tommy is a web designer and needs to keep up with the trends in his industry. He will use this web app to keep up with the resources that are sharded on all his different social networks and save them accordingly. He can use it on his smartphone, ipad and desktop. He is comfortable using this application.

Kimberly Jones
Kimberly is the art editor of a magazine and is consistently getting inspired by the world around her and wants a place to save her inspirations, and idea. She will make use of site by making entries and tagging them. She can use to save inspirations found around the web. She is comfortable on the internet and her phone.

Secondary Persona’s:

Mark Hernadez
Mark is a 5th grade teacher and can use to save teaching resources found around the web.   He uses his phone to help aid in making lesson plans and interactive activites for his students so this is app will help with his productivity.

Gloria Parks
Gloria is a retired grandmother of 3 who is just now jumping in on the social media craze. She will use the app to save links and pictures found for her grandkids.